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Welcome to the Mystic Connection

Nine Dimensional Healing
Spiritual Empowerment
Color and Sound Healing
Aura-Soma Color Readings
Past Life Regression
Ama Deus

Welcome to A Mystic Connection

A place where you bridge your Spirit to your Soul

Unlocking your Inner Power through the Kabbalah Workshop
Discover the meaning of the mystic symbol of the 'Tree of Life'
and receive guidance for your inner self.

The Mystery of Color Healing Workshop
Experience the mystery of Color as we activate and de-clutter 
your Chaka

Meditation Classes
Discover Who you are and Who you will become.

Twelve Rays and Activation of the Sacred Mind and Heart
Experience the Twelve Rays and open your Mind and Heart to Ascension.

Contact:  Joysunbow@Comcast.net for additional information

12 Ray Color Workshop

Learn To See Your Aura Workshop

Goddess and Ascended Masters Workshops

Spirituality Empowerment of Unity Consciousness

Usui Reiki I, II, & Master

Terra-Mai Reiki I, II, & Master

Now is the time to create the life you only visited in your dreams.  By addressing and clearing the many issues that have established blockages or patterns in your body, you can access the higher dimensions.  Joy offers an unique integration of vibration energy methods with the gift of compassion, support and wisdom.  Each session you could  experience Color Lights, Tuning Forks, Color Beamer Pen, Laser Light, Crystal Bowls, Sound Pods, Crystals, Aura-Soma or Past Life Regression & Cord Releases all integrated with Joy's intuition abilities.  By moving into your Heart, you are creating Unity Consciousness in your life.

Joy Forbes
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